We offer a wide range of alternative mobile vehicle solutions aimed at promoting public services and delivering mobile services to the community. 

Mobile stage trucks, specially designed buses and mobile LED display vehicles, many head office special trains , President truck . The truck Department , Municipal trucks and special army units branch based on the trailer, as well as mobile roaming truck training, awareness raising, truck, truck, bus, Branch, Mobile Advisory, mobile bank branch, we are able to continue to provide services in the areas of. In Mobile Vehicle Solutions for public units, we design project-specific vehicles and provide rental services in the most economical way.

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1.1. Semi trailer should consist of the following parts.(THREE AXLES))

* Chassis (Jumbo))

• Deveboynu and check pin (king pin)

* Top platform (base))

* AKS group

• Tires

• Brakes

• Electrical equipment

•          Paint

• Other enhancements and accessories

1.1.1. Chassis

1.Trailer low chassis (jumbo type)

2.Chassis: trailers, camel neck sections are cut by computer-controlled CNC special plasma devices, the existing chassis with increased strength, special bending cross-bars should be supported production should be done. Sources should be made with gas welding technology.

3.The trailer main chassis and the deveboynu should be designed in a manner of strength and style which will safely carry the load specified as carrying capacity in working conditions and will not cause any deformation.

4.The chassis should be designed in a way that does not have any difficulty in changing the tire.

5.In order to ensure that the tractor is comfortable in treyeler 2 side of chassis, mechanical control, double speed at least 24.000 kg capacity air suspension suitable shoes and telescopic feet should be located.

 1.1.2. Camel neck and King Pin

Deveboynu platform must be made solid. It should not be detachable. The Deveboynu should be in a position to ensure proper maneuverability, even if the tractor and trailer axes have an angle of 90°.

King pin: it is made of chrome - nickel steel with flash, suitable for SAE and din norms in size 2", it is removable type, it is connected to the head nut with taper connection, it is connected to the steel casting bed, copilla etc.such must be secured.

1.1.3. Axle Group (axles and suspension);

1. Axles should be manufactured in such a way that the load from all kinds of roads and weather conditions is equally distributed to all wheels.

Axle lengths should be in such a way that they do not interfere with changing tires.

2. There should be greases to ensure that all wheel groups lubricate all playgrounds.

3. Axle Group:2 row axle group and each row should consist of 4 wheels including 2 wheels.

4. Axles should be with air suspension, Bellows and shock absorbers.


1.1.4. Tires and rims.

1. Tyres and rims fitted to the unit must be certified to conform to the TRA (the tire rim Association) or ETRTO (the Eurepan Tire and Rim Technical Organization) standards.

2. If the axle group, 3 row axle group and 2 wheels in each row, 6 wheels

tyres should be jumbo dimensions (jumbo tyre).

3.  In the case referred to in Article 2 above, there should be one step. Tyres should have rims to the extent appropriate to their size.

4. The brand and size of the tyres and spare tyre to be used in the units must be identical.

5. There should be fender and water holders designed to suit the vehicle.


1.1.5.Brake System

1.ECC standards, 4S 2m abs and double-circuit emergency pneumatic brake system should be. One of these lines should be designed as a service line and the other as an auxiliary line.

2. It should be equipped with an RSS (Roll Stability support) system that provides anti-roll safety. The brake system must have automatic brake crickets.

3.If the unit leaves the tractor for any reason, or if the air connection is interrupted, the emergency brake should be equipped with the bellows to provide automatic braking; the unit must provide a safe parking position even if it is installed and disconnected from the tractor.

4. Brake pipes and hoses must be resistant to high pressure and protected against external influences.

5. The chassis passages of the brake pipes should be made in the tire Heights and the pipes should be connected to the chassis with a sufficient amount of clamp.

6. There should be 2 air tanks with a total volume of at least 100 lt. Brake bellows should be in size, number and capacity suitable for axle capacity.


1.1.6.Electrical Equipment;  

1. Units can be used with 12 V DC and 24 v DC system voltage Hammers. The electrical system of the units should be designed in such a way that it does not require any changes to the electrical equipment during use.

2. There should be a socket bracket in the adjustable construction that holds the standard connection sockets with male - female threads on the unit to provide electrical connection between the unit and the receiver.

3. There should be at least five side lamps on each side and at least two reflectors on each side. The front (white) and back (white) peak lamps should be present.

4. The rear bumper of the unit should be equipped with stop, tail turn and signal lamps in accordance with traffic laws and regulations. Signal lamps should be in the enclosure. It should be reflective material for warning purposes.

5. All elements to be used in the electrical system must comply with the relevant standards.

6. Cables in the system must be routed through the appropriate protective devices. Separate color cables should be used.


1.1.7. Paint

1. All units and parts of the trailer should be cleaned with blasting method or chemical materials and painted one coat with a standard number of paint and one coat with an epoxy primer that is completely cleaned and resistant to rust in metal brilliance.


1.1.8. Other equipment and accessories

1.There should be stairs with metal frame and aluminum railing.

2. Suitable, lightweight, box profile produced from the rear folding buffer should be.

3. Made of sheet metal, easy to use and to meet all the needs should be a team and dining cabinet.

4. One wheel drive and all avant-garde should be supplied with the vehicle.

5. Fire extinguishing tube with Tse certificate (6 kg 1 piece) should be. It should be mounted to the left of the unit.



1. Isolation from sound, heat, dust and water should be turned into closed containers using fully insulated material. The best quality materials should be used in order to provide high efficiency and safety for renovation and manufacturing.

2. All wood material used in manufacturing must comply with the relevant Tse standards. Plywood should be unibody water plywood (moisture and heat resistant, on film coating). There should be no air gap between the structural elements and the floor. 

3. Architectural project related to the superstructure, electrical installation, water installation, heating and cooling in line with the project engineering control should be done manufacturing.  

4. The panels suitable for the lower part of the dorsum should be placed, these panels should be water proof and double-coat painted, flip arm and padlock.



1. Walls

Exterior walls should be manufactured as composite panels on profile supported scaled bending hair. Material (EPS) panels between the panels, at least 30 mm thick insulation material with 30 densities should be insulated, to provide the necessary strength to be produced by making aluminum composite panels.




• Weather and U. S.V. high performance against Rays.

• It has high rigidity and strength.

• Impact resistance.

• Heat insulation and flame retardant feature is separated from other composite panels.

* Easy to handle •      • Shows good acid and base strength performance in harsh external environment conditions.

• Heat insulation and flame retardant feature is separated from other composite panels.

* Shows acoustic insulation and vibration absorption properties.

• Temperature resistance range is between -50 ° C and +85 ° C.


Application Areas

* Wall curtain • coating and facades

• Advertisement signboard

• Roof edge and railing wall • separation and partition wall

* Column coating and lighting shaping

 Thickness + 0.2 mm

Width + 0.2 mm

Length + 0.4 mm)

Diagonal <3.0 mm ( length < 2500 mm) | <5.0 mm (length > 2500 mm))


2. The materials forming the unit walls should be assembled by passing method to form a composite structure.

3. Joining the walls, ceiling, floor together should be done with aluminum corners. Steel rivets should be riveted or screwed with screwing.

4. Roof part of the side walls in the same way with aluminum corners made with steel rivets riveted to be mounted or screwed with screwing.

5. Inner partition walls should be formed with 50x50 box profile and covered with 4 mm aluminium composite sheets. Color selection must be determined by the administration.

2.2. FLOOR

1. The existing floor should be covered with 18 mm water plywood.

2. The floor covering should be placed permanently on the floor, completely covering the working area of the sections, and the floor should be covered in one piece. Coated material should be water resistant and hygienic altro material. Floor coating should be non-asbestos-free, non-slip, anti-bacterial, water-washable and hygienic, resistant to heat and chemicals.

3. The stage floor should be covered with 18 mm water cover and the top of it should be covered with aluminum tie.


1. Electrical system: the electrical system of the unit ( mobile stage vehicle), the equipment, other special accessories and cables, including the main tables, shall be manufactured and installed in accordance with the relevant Highway Traffic Law, vehicle manufacturing modification Assembly regulation, whether specified or not in this specification. The electrical system should contain the necessary light and audible stimuli. All electrical systems should be placed in such a way that the fuse and switches can be removed easily. External enclosures of lamps electronic devices and connections must be rust proof.